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We hear the complaints and the reasons to quit all the time. We want you to be happy, free and doing something that truly makes a difference, so here’s making it easier for you. Select the Resignation Letter that connects best with you and send it out to your boss. Right now. What’s next? Send us an email on and let a whole new world of doing something with love begin.



Account Manager Resignation Letter format

Dear Boss,

Since you obviously think my only job is to post on Facebook, which any 5th grader kid can do, I am ecstatic to announce that I quit. Here is a list of the accounts I was handling on various platforms. You could have fun figuring out everything from the passwords to the posting and the content and response management.

PS: You need to be up-to-date with every update! Being the most experience person you would probably know all this right? If not, have fun figuring it out!

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Digital Marketing Executive Resignation Letter format

Dear Boss,

I’m ecstatic to announce that I no longer wish to be treated like shit and quit.

I am not only quitting your company but I’m also going to quit adulthood completely due to the level of mental frustration your company has given me.

Hence any decision from now will be made using enie-meenie-mini-mo method. Any further arguments will be settled by sticking out my tongue.

I’ll be here at recess if you need me.



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Strategist Resignation Letter format


Dear Boss,

Given ideas can be churned out like a machine according to you, it’s your turn now! Since it is the easiest thing in the planet to be innovative, different and unique, do your bit. May your brains explode while doing so.

This was a strategy as well, to leave you by yourself when your most important client walked in asking for something out of the box! The best thing is, it doesn’t need your approval.


Designer Resignation Letter format


The designer you thought was useless has officially quit! To view my resignation and retrieve your data you could either:

  • Appreciate my work and say I’m awesome,
  • Call HR/ TECH/ IT

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Digital AnalystResignation Letter format

Dear Boss,

I’m thrilled to inform you that I’m resigning.

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to inform you that I’m putting down my papers. I’ve hated this company since the day I was hired. I hate the work, my fellow employees even more, and should I even get started about you?!

Please don’t make that face – You look like a baffled monkey, ask the entire office…

I’m tendering my resignation effective immediately and I’m heading out to this fancy new work place that actually wrote this for me and made my life so easy already!

I hope you understand that I would not be able to grow as a person in an atmosphere as boring as our work space.  Anyway, I really hope we can make my transition smooth and seamless hence please LET ME GO. Also I figured you would want me to help you with the transition too. I could but I chose not to, so have fun figuring out the files on my computer which even I can’t find half of the time.

Lastly, stop being such a jerk!

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Account ManagerResignation Letter format

Dear Boss,

All I know is that one of us is always right and the other one is you.  Hence I quit. I rather deal with challenging smart people than waste my fluency in sarcasm around you and your old and boring herd that think I’m too patronizing (that means I talk down on people).

No discussions further. You know I’m right.

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Content WritersResignation Letter format


Dear Boss,

This job is a test. It is an actual test. Had it been an actual job I would have received raises, promotions and various other signs of appreciation.

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Human ResourcesResignation Letter format

Dear Boss,

All these years I’ve seen you terminate people without any notice, hence learning from you this is me informing you I quit! You no longer own my ass.

Lastly I won, before you could think of some devious accusation to terminate my employment and avoid that raise you owe me, I’m leaving.

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We look forward to your equally MindShiftin’ cover letters to catch our attention!