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MindShift Interactive

CEO Speak – Celebrating a #MindShiftinDecade

This day, in 2011, we launched MindShift Interactive. Excited, young, passionate and raring to make a difference in the way things were done, Arashdeep and I went all out and created noise, delivered value through insights and launched memorable campaigns through these years – The Bombay Store #ChappalMaaro, Kiehl’s India launch, Reliance #FeelingBlue, Lancome’s #GoNoFilter, Pepsi T20, Blackberry Boys were the start of MindShift becoming legendary for their influencer integrated campaigns, but with insights always there at the forefront to ensure business impact. We launched with an epic Formula 1 Report that hit the news across leading publications, and our Research Arm, MindShift Metrics became a sought-after entity of its own!


Being an entrepreneur, completing a decade with MindShift has not been a breeze – But, the high of doing what you want to do, and having a vision towards how you want to steer the ship, makes it all worth it! Every new business win, a new challenge, new learning, new office, new campaign, and every smile around you creates its own build-up towards keeping you going. Add to that, an excellent partner, and nothing can stop you! Yes, the important part is to keep at it and keep growing. Unknowingly, you touch so many lives, do so many interesting things – you evolve, and your company does along with you, and that’s where success lies – in business and life. We’ve had quite a few life-altering moments, right from launching new business units, declining funding opportunities, opening branch offices in locations of interest versus just business focus– But, that’s what truly owning a business allows you to do – Lead it the way you dreamt it! In 2016, with the growing need for always-fresh and digital-lead content, we announced MindShift Studios, our content production arm that created visual stories through photography and videography, giving birth to beautiful narrations for The Taj Mahal Palace, Taj Swarna Amritsar, Novotel Goa Resort & Spa, L’Oreal, Practo, Sula Vineyards, and many more. In 2019, as a continuation of our always MindShiftin’ approach, we took the shifting part rather seriously and converted our Goa Branch Office (launched in 2017) into our Head Office. We were confident that a digital realm doesn’t need to be fixated on a core location as long as we had a strong team and excellent processes in place, and the pandemic surely reinstated the ability to be anywhere and still be excellent.


While we are synonymous with providing digital marketing and brand communication solutions to the Luxury Hospitality and Retail industry across India, having worked with over 87 leading Hotels to date, diversity has always been an interesting chapter of our lives and different individual interests have given rise to growing in varied industries and launching interesting, new ventures. I can proudly say, I’ve had a personal bucket list of brands right from Pepsi, Vodafone, L’Oreal, Sula Vineyards, The Taj Mahal Palace, that I always wanted to work with, and through MindShift, we’ve achieved 17 out of 20 of them. I look at it as focusing on your dreams and making your team work with you on making it all happen.


In 2021, a decade from when we began, the way we do everything has changed – Trending is all about Reels, Influencers are now refined content creators, Voice Search is dominating results, and Digital Marketing is at the forefront of any brand communication and sales need. The pandemic, with everyone indoors, but with the continued urge to shop for necessities and self-care, lead to digital being the only way to get out and give effective returns. And, as we keep growing at MindShift Interactive, our amalgamation of insights, marketing, content production through interesting individuals (our MindShifters) allows us to focus on delivering mind-blowing, impactful and valuable solutions to businesses consistently.


As we envision what the next decade will be like, what grows in importance with our scale is the need to focus on balance, at a personal level for each team member and client partner, so even if we don’t take over the world in the next 10 years, we definitely will ensure we create a MindShiftin’ life for all, ensuring memorable impact.

Happy 10, to us and all those out there who helped us get there! Stay MindShiftin’!